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New Bridge Street Sewer Replacement and Rehabilitation Project (Contract I / Contract II)

Bidding Closed November 7 @ 2:00pm

Bamberg BPW was awarded two SCIIP Grants for a Regional Impact Project (A-23-C010) and Community Impact Project (A-23-C009).

South Carolina Infrastructure Investment Program

Our Team here at Bamberg Board of Public Works is very excited to announce our Successful Grant applications to South Carolina Rural Infrastructure Authority (RIA) through the South Carolina Infrastructure Investment Program (SCIIP), better known as SCIIP Grants. We are proud recipients of two separate grants: a Community Impact Grant and a Regional Impact Grant.

Community Impact Grant

The Community Impact Grant totaling $8,497,190.00 will have a profound impact on the Bamberg Community. The Community Impact Grant consists of three separate projects with different scopes of work:

Bridge St Sewer Rehabilitation

The existing sewer infrastructure has exceeded its useful life in this area. The project will fund rehabilitation and replacement of Sewer Mains in this area. The result will vastly reduce infiltration of ground and rainwater that makes its way into our sewers.

Watewater Treatment Plant Project

As time has passed, so too has the usefulness of several components in our Watewater Process. Our intention is to upgrade equipment and implement more efficient Plant techniques. Reducing maintenance and improving our Environmental Impact is our Goal.

Water Line Expansion to Family Circle Community

Just as advertised, we've taken pride in teh fact that we can serve this Great Community. During our application process, we work with Bamberg County to help provide clean drinking water and fire protection capabilities to this area.

Regional Impact Grant

Secondly, we were awarded a Regional Impact Grant totaling $3, 657,550.00 and a separate RIA State Awarded Grant for $500,000.

The Regional Impact Grant is a project that will no doubt provide Bamberg with sustainability for decades to come. The Project in itself is a Bamberg Board of Public Works Interconnection with Orangeburg Department of Public Utilities. A longtime sister Utility, BPW and DPU have worked together on many efforts before from 'storm events' to project assistance. A goal of RIA's SCIIP Grants was to create Regional Partnerships to provide a more viable future for the State's Rural Community. Obviously, this project fits the bill. Bamberg Board of Public Works' Water Distribution Infrastructure is strong and will have many years to supply "Quality on Tap". With that said, the Interconnection will provide Bamber with a viable Emergency Water Supply and provide long term sustainability to our customers should our deep water wells become obsolete.

Through hours and hours of hard work to complete these initiatives, Bamberg Board of Public Works and our customers will tremendously benefit from needed improvements to our Infrastructure. We are proud of the work we've done but this is where the real work begins. We would especially like to thank Lower Savannah Council of Government, Bamberg County Administrator and Council as well as Brown and Caldwell for helping putting this all together. Without your help and 'Buy-in', we wouldn't have achieved this feat.

Let's SCIIP into the Future Together!

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