Bamberg Board of Public Works is one of only 21 municipal power systems in the state of South Carolina, and one of only 2 municipal systems that purchase electricity from the SC Public Service Authority better known as Santee Cooper.

Santee Cooper provides wholesale Transmission service at 69kv which is then reduced to our 4kv Distribution Voltage at the Bamberg Board of Public Work’s owned Substation located at the corner of Elm St and Calhoun St. Our system service endpoints are fully deployed with Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) capability. This is the first of many steps we are taking to allow customers self-service information on their accounts. This technology also alerts our team of outages and abnormal conditions upon immediate detection so we can react remotely or in the field as soon as possible.

Public Power Week

As a member of South Carolina Association of Municipal Power Systems, Bamberg BPW enjoys mutual aid benefits with other municipal power systems ensuring available resources during times of Natural Disaster. Every October we celebrate our Electric Service organization with a Weeklong interactive display at City Hall.

Mark your calendars for “Public Power Week” and come in and celebrate with us.

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