Bamberg serves as the county seat for Bamberg county. The City was incorporated in 1855 when it was little more than a country crossroad. The coming of the Railroad from Charleston in 1832 brought rapid development to the city. Bamberg is named for Major William Seaborn Bamberg, who came to the community in the 1840’s. Bamberg’s historic district is a testament to the history of the town.

The Board of Public Works was established on October 4,1905, and currently provides water, wastewater, electric and natural gas service throughout the incorporated area of Bamberg and beyond.The Board of Public Works has grown over the years along with the community and currently serves approximately 2,500 customers with one or more utilities.

We recognize our responsibility to adhere to all state, federal laws, rules and regulations. Further, all operations of the Board of Public Works are prefaced upon the safety of our customers, our employees and the environment alike.We believe in being accountable to our customers, who are our share holders as well as rate payers. As a public utility, we are committed to providing the most reliable efficient service in a professional and cost-effective manner. Like many of the iconic buildings still part of our community, BPW will continue to stand the test of time!






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