Bamberg Board of Public Works Wastewater Treatment Plant is permitted for 1.055 Million gallons per day of Sanitary and Industrial waste.  The plant is what is known as an Aerated Lagoon System.  See illustration below.

Aerated Lagoon | Board of Public Works

A simple form of Waste treatment, Aerated lagoons are a set of ponds that allow solids to settle as flow passes from one pond to another.  Bamberg BPW has 5 ponds in which water slowly passes through while Oxygen is introduced to each pond ultimately ending at the ‘Finishing Pond’.  Chlorine Gas in introduced prior to the finishing pond to disinfect.  Treated Effluent is then sprayed on more than 225 acres of fields in what is known as Land Application.

Permitted For

1.055 Million
Gallons Per Day

of Sanitary and Industrial waste

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