Bamberg Board of Public Works owns and operates a Water Distribution System that consists of Two (2) Operating Wells; one (1) emergency well, three (3) elevated storage tanks with 1.1 million gallons of storage capacity and miles of Water Main.  The BPW water system serves the incorporated area of Bamberg, from Highway 78 East (Midway area) to Highway 78 West (Booster Station).

Being on the Edisto River, many would anticipate that we would pull water from one of the longest free flowing blackwater rivers in North America.  However, Bamberg BPW pulls raw water from Artesian Wells roughly 900 deep.  As with most wells, the source water contains natural minerals such as iron.

Bamberg BPW utilizes a method of introducing compressed air to remove the soluble iron.  This removes the iron from solution making it capable of being filtered by media.  Once filtered, BPW adds Sodium bicarbonate to the water to increase the pH from an acidic range of 5-7 to a basic state from 7.2-7.8.  Finally, chlorine gas is introduced for disinfection.  This is the process by which your Water is made!

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